10 Most Important Things I Learned From Porn HD Movies

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People say bad things about porn. I can see why they do it. It is all because XXX industry is related to a bunch of stuff they have nothing to do with. They are not brothels and they are not into human trafficking. They are simply the adult entertainment industry and without it the world would be a far sadder and boring place. I get my daily dosage of this entertainment from Jonny tube porn HD movies. It is not only fun that I get from this place. There are also some valuable lessons to be learned there. These may be ridiculous for those who understand it all, but for me, it was very important to learn these in the privacy of my home, rather than to ask somebody or check for myself.

What Lesbian Actually Do

That was one of my biggest interests ever since I realized that there were hot girls who were only into girls. I am aware that those high definition porn movies are not that realistic, but at least now I have some idea about what is going on. All the action with fingering, licking and the strap ons really made it far easier for me to understand.

All Bunch of New Words

There is a whole world of words in the sex videos that I didn’t know anything about. It is fun to discover what those words mean. For example, I wouldn’t guess in a million years that ‘rimming’ has anything to do with anus and a tongue. Also, it is fun to learn all those abbreviations like DP, CD and the like.

My Cock is Just About Average

Those actors are chosen based on their performance and their size. Those cocks are above the average and I realize that. Mine is not that below them, so I guess that this fact ranks me pretty well.

How Pussy Looks Like From Up Close

I know this is not something that I should be proud of, but I have never seen how pussy looks like from up close. I mean, yes, I have been down on girls, but it was dark and I wasn’t really able to observe much. After all, my face was stuck there and I was doing my thing. You can observe a whole lot more when the lights is right and the camera is close. That is how I realized what to do and what to search for.

It’s OK to Slide it in Slow during Anal

I thought that anal is all about force and lube. At least I was right about the lube part. I thought that only I had that problem with sliding my big dick in. However, when I came to see it in the sex movies, I felt a lot better, because not being able to stick it in easily made me think that I was inadequate.

Cool Moves to Try When Getting Down There

It is always a pleasure to learn from the master. I happened to learn a lot about eating pussy and the cunnilingus in general. Those guys and girls do it pretty damn good and the cam is very close. Finally, I have some pointers about what to do and what not to do. It is precious for me.

Tits Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Really, I had this idea about how tits should look like when I was a young kid and I saw a couple of them in real life, but they were basically all the same. Free hd porn movies showed me a wide range of variety is shapes and sizes.

Pussies Come in All Shapes and Sizes

OK, I’m a guy. I thought that all of them look the same and that there isn’t much to be different. Boy, was I wrong. Luckily for me, I had the chance to see a lot of them in these fuck clips and now I know better and I don’t freak out when I see something different.

I love porn and it has taught me so much. That is why I am planning to make this ‘research’ of mine a long term project as I feel it is good for both me and my partners. Don’t forget to check that free porn movie at Xvideos.com.

Free XXX Tube and Real Life Action

I’ve always had a passion for the hot porn videos, watching them every day at the Epichardcore.com free XXX tube, wanting to find a chick who wanted to get fucked desperately. Every time I wanted to hook up a girl, I became shy, not wanting to embarrass myself in front of a great-looking chick. My sexual inclination towards sex-addicted sluts was increasing by the day – I wanted to find a blonde slut whom I could fuck numb, a slut who wanted to suck my cock, exactly as I’d watched in the hot porno movie at EpicHardcore.com.

The day when I met sexy Elena was the day when my life changed. I was at the local bar, waiting for my beer, when suddenly, a gorgeous, big-tit girl showed up from nowhere, asking me if she could sit. Of course I agreed, looking at her, with my mind fantasizing about how hard I could fuck her juicy pussy. When my beer came, I started to drink it, while she was looking at me and smiling. At a point, she came closer over the table, and whispered in my ear: “Look under the table.”

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Not sure what to do, I followed her advice and looked under the table. Nothing prepared me for what I’ve seen there: she was sitting right there, with her legs widely opened, without panties, with her skirt slightly raised and her hand rubbing her pussy. I didn’t know how much I’ve stood there, but I couldn’t help myself – that definitely was more than any HD porn video I’d ever watched. “A freaking slut, rubbing her pussy in front of me!” I immediately thought.

I raised my head to watch her, and she was smiling devilishly, moving her tongue against the bottle of beer like she was sucking a cock. She whispered to me: “Do you want to have your cock in my mouth, baby?” I was so fucking horny when I heard her talking about my penis, so I’ve simply took her to the bathroom, closed the door and started to taste her pussy. She was moaning, asking me to never stop the treatment. “That’s it, lick that pussy, don’t stop.”. It was like hot XXX movie on the adult sex video site, click here to watch that free xxx tube.

I think she came twice, as her slutty pussy was getting wetter by the minute. She turned around, unzipped my pants and took my cock out, looking at it and starting to lick the tip, moaning. She was sucking with pleasure and passion, savoring every single moment and beating her mouth with my cock. “Do you like that? Do you want me to suck your cock?” “Oh yes, suck it, you damn slut, suck my cock.”

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I nearly came in her mouth, when I decided that I wanted more. I’ve positioned her on the top of the toilet with her legs widely apart, and plunged deep inside her pussy. “Oh yeah!” she was moaning. “Fuck that pussy, put your dirty cock in my slutty pussy, baby,” she asked me. I started to fuck her, not wanting to stop. She was talking dirty, telling me how she was enjoying my big cock in her pussy, how much she wanted to suck it and how much she wanted to have my sperm on her face.

“So good, baby, it feels so fucking good. Do you like my teen pussy? Yeah, fuck it, screw me, baby. I want you to plunge deep inside my pussy, rip it apart. Mmmm… Give me your cock, baby, I want you to cum on my face, I want to drink it all, baby.” I was just about to come, when she stopped me. “Not yet, baby, I want more of your cock. Rub my pussy with your cock,” she told me. “You like that, don’t you, slut?” “Oh yeah, I adore your cock, it makes me feel so great. Let me suck it.”

She started to suck my cock, spanking her mouth with it, deepthroating it and licking the tip. “Do you like to feel your cock in my slutty mouth?” “Yeah, suck it with passion, take it all in your mouth.” When she did it, I immediately came, unable to help myself. That definitely made me sick of any XXX movie. The real-life sluts were so much better!

Fingering Ass Movies – The 18-Year-Old Girl Who Made My Fantasies Come True

Fingering ass movies

Hot asshole fingering has always been one of my favorite sexual fantasies, even though I was oftentimes dreaming about having my penis sucked while fingering a wet, slutty pussy. After watching EroLash.XXX fingering ass movies, I was eager to try this in real life, but unfortunately none of my girlfriends wanted to try it with me. I had 28 years at that time, and I was working as a sports teacher at a local high school in my area.

I remember the day when I arrived at the class, finding all boys prepared to play soccer, with all girls staying on benches and gossiping. Obviously, they were not very willing to do anything other than that, so I decided to leave them do whatever they wanted and I went to my personal office, which was at the second floor.

It was not long until someone knocked at the door. “Who is it?” I asked, frustrated that someone was bothering me. “It is me, sir – Claire. We are having the sports class with you right now,” a feminine voice responded. I went to the door, opening it, and I allowed Claire to come in. She truly was beautiful – at 18 years, she had beautiful tits, skinny legs and a sexy ass. She was blonde, pretty tall, and her teen face resembled a cat perfectly well.

“I was wondering if you could show me some porn gymnastic techniques, sir,” she said, rather embarrassed, but determined. “Of course I can, but right now?” I asked, unwilling to do so. “Yes, I’d like to try some right now. Let me get ready,” she said. “I’ll be waiting,” I replied. I turned around, still trying to read the newspaper.

ass fingering

“I’m ready for sex, sir,” girl finally said. When I let down the newspaper, I saw something that scared, shocked and excited me – Claire was standing on a table, with her legs wide, without any panties, showing me a great, wet pussy. I was looking at her in delight, waiting for something – even though I did not know what. I had suddenly remember about all fingering ass videos I had ever watched, and I decided to try everything I’d seen with her.

“Would you want to lick my big pussy, sir?” she asked, with a kitty-like face. “Because I want you to – badly!”

I came closer, smelled her juicy pussy, and I started to lick it desperately, trying to taste it as much as possible. “Doggie style,” I ordered, and she complied. Now her ass was facing me, and her pussy was begging me to lick it. I started fingering asshole with two fingers, while I was licking her pussy, which was getting wetter by the minute. “Mmm, yes sir, give me more!” she was screaming.

“More? Do you want more?” I asked. “Yes, I want more!” She suddenly turned around, zippered my jeans, and took my penis out, starting to lick the tip willingly. She then started to suck it, while I was telling her how slutty she was, and how I liked that. “Do you like me sucking your cock?” she asked, looking at me. I didn’t answer, but forced my penis inside her mouth again, ejaculating. That was a great experience – now that I would never forget! You can watch my Erolash.XXX fingering ass movies online.

When Knitting Instructions Turns Into a Proper XXX Video Scenario

Janice thought that she had made her peace with the fact that her marriage is passionless. That wasn’t the case in the beginning as her and Tom were having sex all the time, just like in those porn video clips. However, after a couple of years, the only thing Janice could hope for is to pick up a hobby and stick with it to drive the boredom away. She decided to start knitting and she looked for some easy online tutorials. She found the one on how to knit a scarf. Janice decided to try one of those long, thin scarfs and she was almost finished.

One night, Tom came late and found her in their bedroom, looking like an old lady with her glasses on and knitting. He wondered what happened with their lust and decided to spark it up a bit. As he stared into Janice’s eyes, she took off her glasses and she recognized that look. Tom was horny. He silently climbed onto their bed, took the knitting needles from her hands and threw everything off the bed. Then he started kissing Janice’s neck, moving up and down, all the way from her earlobe to her shoulder. She shivered with delight. Tom sealed the deal with a big kiss and while kissing her, he undressed himself and Janice.

Then he realized that there is this red scarf on the floor. He took it, smiled, placed Janice on her back and tied her hands above her head with that scarf. Then he started kissing her between her perky breasts, going down to her dripping pussy. He started licking it gently, spreading those lips of her twat with his tongue. With each lick, Janice moaned and her pussy opened a bit wider. It was time to inspect the whole thing with Tom’s finger. He pushed one and then two and then three of his fingers inside Janice’s twat. With his other hand, he stroked his big dick, so it remained ready for action when the time comes.

He was licking and fingering Janice until she begged him to fuck her. Those were the words he craved for. He got to his knees, grabbed Janice’s thighs and jammed his eager cock into her pussy. They both moaned with pleasure. Although her pussy was already wet, it gave Tom’s dick a little bit of resistance. Just enough to make it way more interesting to throb it inside over and over again.

They didn’t even want to change the position as they were fucking better than they had for a long while. After a while, Tom pulled his dick out and sprayed his hot jizz all over Janice’s stomach and tits. They both panted with pleasure.

Janice was so happy. As she removed the scarf from her wrists, she thought about how all this reminded her off all those amateur sex tapes that she liked to watch sometimes. Who could have guessed that her knitting tutorials and the scarf that she made herself would come in so handy when it was needed the most. Janice decided that sex and knitting will be her two favorite pastimes from that point on. Tom couldn’t have agreed more.