When Knitting Instructions Turns Into a Sexy XXX Video

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Janice thought that she had made her peace with the fact that her marriage is passionless. That wasn’t the case in the beginning as her and Tom were having sex all the time, just like in that XXX video.

However, after a couple of years, the only thing Janice could hope for is to pick up a hobby and stick with it to drive the boredom away. She decided to start knitting and she looked for some easy online tutorials. She found the one on how to knit a scarf. Janice decided to try one of those long, thin scarfs and she was almost finished.

One night, Tom came late and found her in their bedroom, looking like an old lady with her glasses on and knitting. He wondered what happened with their lust and decided to spark it up a bit. As he stared into Janice’s eyes, she took off her glasses and she recognized that look. Tom was horny. He silently climbed onto their bed, took the knitting needles from her hands and threw everything off the bed.

Then he started kissing Janice’s neck, moving up and down, all the way from her earlobe to her shoulder. She shivered with delight. Tom sealed the deal with a big kiss and while kissing her, he undressed himself and Janice.

Then he realized that there is this red scarf on the floor. He took it, smiled, placed Janice on her back and tied her hands above her head with that scarf. Then he started kissing her between her perky breasts, going down to her dripping pussy. He started licking it gently, spreading those lips of her twat with his tongue. With each lick, Janice moaned and her pussy opened a bit wider.

It was time to inspect the whole thing with Tom’s finger. He pushed one and then two and then three of his fingers inside Janice’s twat. With his other hand, he stroked his big dick, so it remained ready for action when the time comes.

He was licking and fingering Janice until she begged him to fuck her. Those were the words he craved for. He got to his knees, grabbed Janice’s thighs and jammed his eager cock into her pussy. They both moaned with pleasure. Although her pussy was already wet, it gave Tom’s dick a little bit of resistance. Just enough to make it way more interesting to throb it inside over and over again.

They didn’t even want to change the position as they were fucking better than they had for a long while. After a while, Tom pulled his dick out and sprayed his hot jizz all over Janice’s stomach and tits. They both panted with pleasure.

Janice was so happy and wanted to upload their sexy XXX video to Eronavt.com. As she removed the scarf from her wrists, she thought about how all this reminded her off all those amateur sex tapes that she liked to watch sometimes. Who could have guessed that her knitting tutorials and the scarf that she made herself would come in so handy when it was needed the most. Janice decided that sex and knitting will be her two favorite pastimes from that point on. Tom couldn’t have agreed more.